VHF, UHF, Slot & Panel

Join Jampro for a full line of TV antennas for VHF BAND I,III and UHF BAND IV and V. We offer circularly, horizontal or vertically polarized.


             Slot and Panel antennas

 JHD-LV2 VHF Panel Antenna (Band I)

JHD-HV2 VHF Panel Antenna (Band III)

JHD-HV4 VHF Panel Antenna (Band III)

JHD-HR2 Panel Antenna (Band III)

 JHD-HR4 Panel Antenna (Band III)

 JAT Batwing Antenna - (Band I and III)


JCPD - (Four dipole flat Panel) *HD Ready

JVD DAB  VHF Antenna

JSL-V Pro Star VHF Slot Antenna

JUHD UHF Panel Antenna (Band IV,V)

JUCD Circular UHF Panel Antenna (Band IV,V)


Prostar UHF Slot Antenna

JA-SS UHF Low-Medium Power Slot Antenna

JL-SS Lower Power UHF Slot Antenna           

JTC Circularly Polarized Spiral Antenna        

 JAT-U Superturnstile (Band IV / V)

JA-MS BB Broadband Slot