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DAB Mask Filter Combiner

Get Superior Performance for Your High-Power DAB Transmitters with the JAMPRO Series RCCC-391-DABM – DAB Mask Filter Combiner

DAB Mask Filter Combiner

Firstly, in the new era of DAB signal clarity and power handling, Jampro’s meticulously engineered RCCC-391-DABM mask filter/combiner is poised to deliver unparalleled performance for your high-power DAB transmitters.

Experience the transformative power of:

  • Exceptional Mask Performance: JAMPRO’s innovative 6-section cross-coupled constant impedance design effectively minimizes passband insertion loss. This ensures your DAB signal reaches its destination with perfect audio clarity.
  • Unwavering Stability: Rigorous manufacturing techniques and the incorporation of Invar tuning rods guarantee exceptional temperature stability. So, this eliminates signal drift but also ensures consistent performance in all likely environmental conditions.
  • High-Power Handling: Constructed to handle demanding applications, the RCCC-391-DABM can accommodate input power levels up to 6 kW. This surely makes it ideal for even the most powerful DAB transmitters.
  • Future-Proof Design: The modular architecture of the RCCC-391-DABM allows for seamless expansion. Furthermore, you can add additional modules and channels on the wideband input, but ensures your investment remains adaptable as your needs evolve.

Finally, don’t settle for anything less. Equip your DAB transmission system with the unmatched performance and also reliability of the Jampro Series RCCC-391-DABM mask filter/combiner. Contact Jampro today to learn more and also, don’t forget to download the full specification below.

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