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JUXD – Futurization Technology

JUXD Futurization Technology – Jampro Introduces ATSC-3.0 Ready High Power Broadband Antennas!

JUXD Futurization Technology

Jampro introduces it’s JUXD Futurization Technology! The world’s largest broadcast network operators have already proven this technology. The JUXD broadband panel antenna is ideal for broadband multi-channel applications.

Jampro’s Futurization Technology™ provides future polarization ratio adjustments without the need for costly antenna modifications.

The JUXD panel has dual inputs for polarization ratio control. Using the RCUV variable phase splitter, it is possible to adjust the JUXD panel’s polarization easily. Moreover, propagation is adjustable in the horizontal, elliptical, circular, and vertical planes.

The transmitter room controls the antenna polarization. Moreover, the ability to adjust polarization on individual channels is also possible. Also, JUXD antennas are configurable to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns. The JUXD Antenna supports Digital, Analog, and Mobile video.

JUXD Futurization Technology includes a Rugged Design:

Also, corrosion resistant stainless steel/aluminum reflecting panels result in long-lasting durability.

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