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Antenna Power Dividers

The RCTQ series of Antenna Power Dividers design supports the following:

  • VHF Band I: 54-88 MHz
  • FM Band II/FM: 87.5–108 MHz
  • Band III VHF: 174-230 MHz
  • UHF Bands IV/V 470-800 MHz

Additionally, power ratings of up to 250kW work with operating temperatures of -40c to +70c. Output versions from 2 to 12 outputs can be available and suitable for multiple project types.

Broadcast Power Dividers/Splitters
Output Options

Moreover, the external body of the power divider utilizes Copper or Marine Brass. Again, the inner conductor and transformer construction use Copper, Marine Brass, or Silver Plated Brass. These materials ensure no corrosion occurs and the electrical joints remain good.

Premier Antenna Power Dividers from Jampro Antennas

Above all, we have various models available to suit your requirements. Please also discuss your project with the Jampro sales team. They will help you specify the suitable power divider/splitter.

Finally, for more information, please call the Jampro sales team at +1 916 383 1177. Please visit the Contact us page outside regular working hours or during public holidays. Leave a message, and we will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

The external body and the inner conductor/transformers contain Copper, Marine Brass, or Silver Plated Brass. These ensure the product works continually without corrosion and electrical issues for many years.

An extensive range is also available, as detailed in the table. The number of elements within an antenna defines the number of outputs required. The power input level will also determine the input connector size. Moreover, please call us if you do not see what you need or need help choosing a solution. Alternatively, please visit the contact us page and leave a message out of hours or during public holidays.

Jampro has multiple options available for you to choose from, and we have specialists ready to assist you!