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UHF Mask Filter Combiner 5KW

Jampro UHF Mask Filter Combiner 5KW: Unmatched Performance in a Compact Design.

Maximize your broadcast efficiency! This innovative solution delivers exceptional performance in a remarkably compact design, making it ideal for space-constrained applications.

Unparalleled Features: Constant Impedance (Balanced Type) ensures smooth transmission across your DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-T broadcast chains.

Integrated DTV Mask Filtering: Guarantees adherence to stringent digital television emission standards.

5kW Average Power per Channel: Handles demanding broadcast environments with ease.

Rugged, High-Quality Design: Built to last under the most hostile conditions.

Optimized Combiner Design: Saves valuable space in your equipment rack.
UHF 470-860 MHz Frequency Range: Perfectly suited for UHF broadcast applications.

Rigorous Testing: Every unit also undergoes meticulous electrical and mechanical performance testing to uphold Jampro’s unwavering quality standards.

No Compromise on Performance or Space | UHF Mask Filter Combiner 5KW

The Jampro product also offers the best of both worlds: exceptional performance and a space-saving design. It is ideal for broadcasters seeking to optimize signal transmission without sacrificing valuable rack space.

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