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Constant Impedance FM Bandpass Combiner

Jampro Constant Impedance FM Bandpass Combiner: Unleash Unmatched Signal Clarity and Control. It will deliver unparalleled signal isolation and temperature stability.

We ensure your FM broadcasts reach your audience with crystal-clear fidelity.

Key Features:

Superior Isolation: Achieve exceptional isolation between channels with our RCHC 3 dB hybrid and RCBC FM bandpass filter design.

Constant Impedance FM Bandpass Combiner.

Temperature Stability: Broadcast confidently thanks to Invar tuning rods and copper center conductors that minimize signal drift across temperatures.

Customizable Rejection: We engineer tailored rejection levels to suit your specific needs, defined by cavity size, filter configuration, and coupling iris dimensions.

Minimal Signal Loss: High-Q aluminum cavities ensure minimal insertion loss within the passband, preserving signal strength.

Full-Band Tuning Available: Upon request, we can broadcast across the entire CCIR FM Band (87.5-108 MHz) for maximum versatility.

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