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UHF Side Mount Slot Antenna


UHF Side Mount Slot Antenna

The true and tested Prostar medium-high power UHF Side Mount Slot Antenna. Also available in Broadband for combined Analog & Digital Applications. It also includes single frequency networks (SFN) and mobile media antenna systems and eliminates the need for multiple antennas. It also provides a single, compact solution that conserves tower space and minimizes tower loading.

  • Excellent Bandwidth—typical 18-20 MHz
  • Greater bandwidth is available on request.
  • Circular, Elliptical, Horizontal Polarization is available.
  • Omni & Standard Patterns are available.
  • Full or Partial radome for low wind loading.
  • Ideal for Multi-Channel operation, Auxiliary System, etc.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Also, ideal for Harsh Environments.
  • Constructed of marine brass, copper, aluminum, and virgin Teflon.

UHF Side Mount Slot Antenna design

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