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Broadcast Tower Manufacturer

Jampro has specialized as a Broadcast Tower Manufacturer for many years. Our Frequency Matched Towers (FMT) represent the latest broadcast technology. The tower and antenna define the signal benefits because of their direct relationship.

Also, the towers on which FM Broadcast antennas mount dramatically affect the antenna coverage pattern. Typically, free space circular patterns become distorted when mounted on to broadcaster’s antenna support structure.

Broadcast Tower Manufacturers for (FMT) Frequency Matched Towers/Masts.

As a solution, Jampro designed the Frequency Matched Tower (FMT). The aim is for the tower structure also to match the antenna element spacing. Furthermore, for all Frequency Matched Towers (FMT), Jampro locates the tower members ideally. This also creates the perfect backdrop for each of the antenna elements.

Broadcast Tower Manufacturer

FMT Design Factors

Moreover, the FMT’s design affects the tower height, wind, ice loading requirements, guy radius, antenna tuning, and frequency. Therefore, the antenna mounting points will minimize the signal distortion. It also maximizes the coverage pattern’s precision and predictability. Furthermore, matching the antenna and mast assists the coverage pattern. In addition, just a single bay of the antenna achieves this. It also reduces the time and expense involved in these services. Essentially, it also accurately produces good coverage results.

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Broadcast Tower Manufacturers Tower Types

  • Self Supporting Towers.
  • Guyed Towers/Masts.
  • Frequency Matched Towers. (FMTs)
  • Rapid build Towers.
  • Monopole Towers/Masts.
  • Also, replacement Batwing Poles.

Broadcast Tower Manufacturer Features:

  • Standard up to 100 meters (over 100 meters on request).
  • Classic design for 35 PSF – (Higher wind load designs available).
  • Equipment elevator.
  • Climbing facilities.
  • Code lighting.
  • Includes a motor winch.
  • Guy wire take-up reels.
  • Anchor rods.
  • Up to 100 meters built in 8 hours.
  • Supports all types of antennas.
  • Requires Minimal building tools.

Tower Specifications for Rapid Deployment

  • Five men for 8 hours – 328 ft/100 meters to erect.
  • The Tower system requires no concrete base.
  • Also, it requires no concrete guy anchors.
  • Requires only essential tower assembly tools.
  • Ground-controlled external elevators will raise the tower and antennas
  • A single man on the tower can assemble each tower section.
  • No need for Tower section bolts.
  • The Tower is guyed every three sections (30 ft. or 9.1 m) to steady it.
  • High strength cable stays guy the tower.
  • Take up points placed 120 degrees from the tower base.

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