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Welcome to Jampro Antennas Inc.

Jampro is the oldest continuous manufacturer of Broadcast Antennas in North America. Furthermore, we are a one-stop shop for all products that follow an FM/TV/DAB transmitter. We supply RF systems globally, both directly and via representatives.

The roof of the Hancock Building in Chicago shows an installation of Jampro Antennas in action which joins 35,000+ globally.

FM Broadcast Antennas

Low Power FM Antennas
JHPC High Power FM Side Mount Antennas
Medium power FM Antennas
JBCP FM Broadcast Antennas
High Power FM Antennas
Arrowhead Dipole Panel Antenna
FM Panel Antennas

TV Broadcast Antennas

Prostar UHF Slot Antenna
SLOT Antennas UHF TV
UHF Broadband Panel Antennas
Panel Antennas UHF TV
VHF Circular Polarization Antennas
VHF TV Antenna CH 2-6
VHF TV Broadcast Antennas
VHF Antennas CH 7-13

When you want MORE than JUST an Antenna

RF Combiners, Filters, and Miscellaneous

Broadcast Filters and Combiners
Filters & Combiners – Band II FM
500W UHF Mask Filter
Band III (UHF) Filters & Combiners
250W UHF Mask Filter
Band IV/V Filters Combiners
3 Way Power Divider
Jampro Power Dividers/Splitters

Jampro Antennas Overview

Based in Sacramento, CA, USA, Jampro Antennas is the oldest continuous manufacturer of broadcast antennas in North America. We have gained unparalleled experience in business since 1954 (68 years). Furthermore, in 2012, Jampro acquired AlanDick Broadcast Ltd, a UK company based in Cheltenham, also the UK’s oldest antenna manufacturer. Moreover, AlanDick Broadcast’s heritage includes being part of the BBC and EMI during the 1970s. Additionally, Jampro and AlanDick jointly have 35,000+ broadcast installations globally. We will also continue to grow and support new and existing clients.

Furthermore, our mission is to supply high-quality components that follow radio and TV broadcast transmitters. We also provide Feeders, Flexible and Rigid, RF Combiners and Filters, connectors, and accessories. Moreover, our range of TV, FM, and DAB antennas is extensive. We, therefore, design and supply broadcast towers as required. Additionally, we offer installation and consulting services globally. Our sales team is available at the head office in Sacramento, USA, plus the UK, India, Thailand, and Mexico. Moreover, we have a highly-skilled engineering team in the USA, UK, and Thailand. Installation teams are also available to carry out your installation as required.

Finally, Jampro is unique in that we fully assemble and test our antennas on our test range before shipping. Furthermore, our test range will utilize a similar tower structure to the end-user. No other supplier we are aware of provides this service. Above all, it avoids re-tuning the antennas in the field. It also proves the design and maximizes coverage efficiency and gain. Should you require customized coverage, we can assist and design antennas that will fit your exact requirements.