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UHF Panel Antennas CH 14-69

Jampro Antennas offers a complete range of UHF Panel Antennas Channel 14 – 69. These products form a base infrastructure for all TV Broadcasters.

Furthermore, our services provide extensive system design, field testing, installation, commissioning, and training.  We also offer broadcast maintenance services plus background support, both initially and in the long term.

We also provide an exhaustive range of TV antennas for the UHF bands IV/V. Products are also available in both DMB and ATSC 3.0 modulation. Moreover, we specialize in horizontal, vertical, elliptical, and circularly polarized antennas. Should you require details about specific radiation patterns, we are here to help. We also test the radiation pattern extensively before shipping.

The JUHD/JUVD is an HPOL/VPOL Broadband UHF Panel antenna. It allows various levels of split pattern performance. It also supports DTV, ISDB-T, DVB-T2, Analog, NTSC, and PAL. The frequency range is 470-860 MHz.

JUCD Broadband UHF Panel Antenna


The JUED/JUCD is ideal for ATSC-3.0, DTV, ISDB-T, DVB-T/H, Analog, NTSC & PAL.  Moreover, broadband antennas support UHF bands IV & V and have a high power rating. Flexible panel placement also allows custom azimuth patterns.

UHF Broadband Panel Antennas

Jampro introduces its JUXD Futurization Technology™ Some of the world’s largest broadcast network operators have already proven this technology. The JUXD broadband panel antenna is the ideal solution for broadband multi-channel requirements. 

Expertise in UHF Panel Antennas Channel 14 – 69

At Jampro, we have a team of highly skilled engineers and sales staff ready to help you. We can assist with specifying your antenna for the coverage requirement and the tower you have. Finally, for further information, please call us now at+1 916 383 1177. Alternatively, please visit our Contact page and leave a message outside of regular working hours and at weekends or public holidays. We will be back in touch as soon as possible.