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UHF Slot Antenna – Prostar

UHF Slot Antenna - Prostar

Selecting your UHF SLOT Antenna -Compatible with DTV, NTSC, and PAL Broadcasts.

Includes Horizontal, Elliptical, and Circular polarization.

JA-LS: 1 kW

Jampro’s Low Power UHF slot antenna designed focuses on UHF broadcasters. Aluminum construction ensures excellent weather resistance while reducing wind load and weight on the tower. The unique low power design of the UHF slot antenna provides varying levels of vertically polarized signals. The versatility of the slots allows them to be either top, leg, or face-mounted.

  • Proven UHF Slot Antennas provide performance, quality, and reliability.
  • Directional patterns with standard & customized available
  • Power Rating – 1kW to 90kW.
  • High power rating supports up to 5 Megawatts.
  • Custom electrical & mechanical beam tilt.
  • Horizontal, circular & elliptical polarization.
  • Beam Tilt – As specified by the customer.
  • Null Fill – As specified by the customer.
  • Input Impedance 50 or 75 ohm.
  • VSWR 1.1:1 or better across the band.
  • Rugged construction.

JA-MS: 1 to 30 kW

JAMPRO’s JA/MS is the harsh environment version of the JA/LS antenna. The JA/MS also has white UV resistant radomes for added protection from the environment. The JA/MS is also an excellent choice for low power UHF broadcasters. Especially those located in areas with heavy air pollution or high salt content in the air.

JSL-SERIES: 5 to 40 kW

JAMPRO’s Premium LOW POWER slot antenna uses marine brass, copper, and virgin Teflon in construction. It provides the finest antenna of its type. Moreover, this antenna provides part of the medium-power slot series with the same manufacturing specification and rugged construction. Now, stations transmitting on low power can also find quality and performance in the JSL Series antenna.

JSM-SERIES: 30 to 70 kW

Jampro’s premium medium power slot antenna has performance in mind. The detail in manufacturing and tuning for your pattern assures enhanced performance. Furthermore, pressurized feed lines deliver protection with the slots Radome sealed. This protects the antenna from the environment.

High-quality marine brass, copper, and virgin Teflon support the construction of the antenna. Computer modeling also provides radiation patterns. Jampro’s 7,000 ft full field test range assures the pattern before shipment. Test range measured performance and factory tuning before shipping provides you the confidence. You will receive the finest antenna of its type available.

JSH-SERIES: 60 to 90 kW

Jampro’s state of the art, high power, slot antenna has an enclosed sealed Radome. Moreover, with its conservative power rating, the power level is increasable. The use of the waveguide power dividing feed system will also double the power rating of the antenna.

Quality marine brass, copper, and virgin Teflon support the antenna design. Also, environmental hazard protection is provided by a radome. Besides, computer modeling provides a radiation pattern. Our full field test range also guarantees the antenna pattern. Factory tuning avoids the need for field tuning once installed.

UHF Slot Antenna – ProStar delivers optimized performance.

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