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Low Power FM Broadcast Antennas

The Jampro JLLP Low Power FM Broadcast Antenna (LPFM) design aims at low power & educational radio stations.  Furthermore, our primary focus has been on an excellent performance at an affordable price.

Moreover, this antenna uses the same basic design as the famous Jampro Penetrator.  This antenna belongs to a series of side mount antennas that have set the industry standard for FM antennas.

Also, using an external and non-pressurized feed system reduces manufacturing costs.  We feed each bay with a flexible cable.

Low Power FM Antenna

Furthermore, configurations with two or more bays feed through a power divider/splitter and cable system.  These have a 7/8″ EIA flange input (female).  Also, the construction of the elements will be of high-strength marine brass to provide exceptional longevity.

Features of Low Power FM Broadcast Antenna (LPFM)

  • Power rating 4kW maximum.
  • Outstanding VSWR is available. 
  • VSWR 1.1:1 +/- 150 kHz.
  • Electrical deicers available on request

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