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High Power FM Broadcast Antenna “The Brute”

High Power FM Broadcast Antenna

The Jampro High Power FM Broadcast Antenna (JHCP) side mount is nicknamed “The Brute” due to its ultra-high power handling capability. Capable of handling up to 80 kW of input power, the JHCP antenna is a favorite of broadcasters. Especially those with high power applications. However, there is usually a need to keep weight and wind load to a minimum.  Also, heavy-duty brass and copper provide a long life span.

High Power FM Broadcast Antenna “The Brute”

Moreover, each radiating element consists of four 3″ diameter quarter-wave arms attached to a 3-1/4″ brass boom. Pressurized 6-1/8″ Interbay lines feed the system. Also, antenna design carries the same principles as JAMPRO’s patented PENETRATOR FM antennas. These set the industry standard for FM side mount antennas.

Features of “The Brute” Antenna

  • Highest power handling side mount antenna.
  • True circular polarization VSWR 1.1:1 ± 200 kHz.
  • Optional deicers will be available.
  • Ideal for multichannel/frequency applications.
  • Marine brass & copper for long life & durability.
  • Beam tilt and null fill available Custom directional patterns available.
  • DC Grounded at every antenna bay for maximum lightning protection.
  • HD Radio/IBOC Ready.
  • Reduced element spacing for minimizing RF levels.

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