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500W FM Bandpass Filter

500W FM Bandpass Filter

The JAMPRO 500W FM Bandpass Filter (RCBC-XTX-FM) Low Power Combline Bandpass Filters design provides optimum performance in a small package size. Also, the filters utilize capacitively-loaded copper center conductors inside three-inch aluminum cavities to ensure a low pass-band loss.

In addition, two, three, or four-section filters are also available to meet the required rejection specifications. Also, a wide pass-band bandwidth ensures no signal degradation occurs.  The filter supports an input power level of up to 500 Watts.

Either type “N,” 7-16 DIN, or 7/8″ EIA connectors are available as the applications require.

500W FM Bandpass Filter Specification (RCBC-XTX-FM)

  • Type: 2, 3, 4 Section Combine.
  • Frequency: 88 to 108 MHz.
  • Power: 500 watts Max.
  • VSWR: 1.12:1 Max ± 150 kHz.


  • 2-Section 30 dB ± 4.0 MHz.
  • 3-Section 30 dB ± 1.6 MHz.
  • 4-Section 30 dB ± 1.0 MHz.

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