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VHF TV Batwing Antenna

VHF TV Batwing Antenna

The JAMPRO (JAT) VHF TV Batwing Antenna has many outstanding features of great value for today’s broadcasters. Also, Galvanization takes place before assembly. It is essential for long life and means reliable contact at important current-carrying points.

Moreover, high-strength beryllium copper/soldered brass terminals will be with Fanner straps. Batwing connections use bolts, so there is no need for hose clamps.

Especially relevant is to add a complete assembly, tuning, and range measurement of your antenna. Before shipping, you see why there’s no question about its performance.

Additionally, directional batwings are a custom feature. Also, batwing re-harness kits are available for any antenna from Jampro.

Features for VHF TV Batwing Antenna

  • The band I (54-88 MHz) Ch. 2-6.
  • Band III (174-230 MHz) Ch. 7-13.
  • NTSC & CCIR Channels.
  • Also, hot-dipped galvanized steel.
  • Semi-flexible Interbay lines.
  • Assembled and rage tested.
  • Beam tilt and null fill available.

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