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FM Broadcast Yagi Antenna

The Jampro FM broadcast yagi antenna manufacturing includes anodized Aluminum. The design provides a directional radiation pattern. Additionally, it is suitable for Medium and High Power FM stacked antenna arrays.

Moreover, the antenna body and brackets use hot-dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel hardware. Also, Teflon isolators and silicone O‐Rings will reliably maintain the best electrical contacts.

Furthermore, as standard, the antenna system will include pipe mountings for horizontal and vertical polarization.

FM Broadcast Yagi Antenna

The antenna power rating is 5kW with a single carrier. They also produce a gain of 5.2 dBd (7.35 dBi).

Also, as standard, all antenna systems include horizontal and vertical polarization pipe mountings for rapid installation.

The standard option for the pole is Ø 3.5” to 4.5” / 90 to 114mm. Also available on request as a pole option is Ø 2.36” to 2.99” / 60 to 76mm

Notably, the distance between stacked antennas is 2.5m ‐ 3m (8.25 ft ‐ 9.84 ft)

Moreover, Jampro Antennas includes mounting brackets with all antenna systems as standard.

The JY4F directional Yagi antennas provide either a Vertical or Horizontal polarization. Available patterns also include directional, semi‐directional and omnidirectional. Please discuss your requirements with our experts.

FM Broadcast Yagi Antenna Features:

  • Frequency Band: 87.5-108 MHz
  • Bandwidth: FM (Band II)
  • Average Gain: 5.2 dBd (7.35 dBi)
  • VSWR: < 1.3:1
  • Polarization: Vertical, Slant, or Horizontal
  • Max Power: 5kW (Single Carrier)
  • Connector: 7/8” EIA
  • Dimensions: 54”x 83”x 3”/133 x 209 x 8 cm
  • Net weight: 30 lbs/13.7 kg

Finally, for more information on the FM Broadcast Yagi Antenna, please call the Jampro sales team. However, please visit the Contact us page outside regular working hours or on a national holiday and leave a message. We will respond as soon as possible during the next working day.

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