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UHF Hybrid Combiner

The RCHC UHF Hybrid Combiner includes a 3 dB coupler. The manufacturing utilizes high-strength, non-ferrous materials. It requires no external cooling when used within its power rating.

This family of hybrid combiners is ideal for two or more UHF Band IV transmitters.

Either an EIA flanged or unflanged model is available to ensure ease of installation. The maximum power rating is from 1 kW to 30 kW.

This product is available stand-alone or with the necessary reject load and a 90-degree line.

RCHC-UHF Hybrid Coupler

Flexible UHF Hybrid Combiner Modules

Further enhancements include auxiliary RF patch panels and coaxial switches. These allow a bypass and operation at half power from one transmitter. While one feed undergoes servicing, the other feed goes into a dummy load. Other applications include RF feeder systems for antennas and combining systems. Please download the datasheet for detailed information on the options available.

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