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3 Element Yagi Antenna

3 Element Yagi Antenna

The 3 Element Yagi Antenna utilizes hot‐dip galvanized steel for manufacture to protect them from the weather. It also provides a directional radiation pattern for FM radio broadcasters suitable for medium and high-power FM stacked arrays.

Mechanical Features & Materials:

The antenna body and bracket manufacturing use hot‐dip galvanized steel, stainless steel hardware, Teflon isolators, and silicone O‐Rings. The antenna includes a pipe mounting for vertical or horizontal polarization. The configuration also provides directional, semi-directional and Omnidirectional diagrams.

Features of 3 Element FM Yagi Antenna

Band:                                 87.5-108 MHz
Bandwidth:                        FM Band
Average Gain:                    4.5 dBd (6.65 dBi)
VSWR:                               < 1.3:1
Polarization:                      Vertical (also horizontal upon request)
Max Power:                       5kW (Single Carrier)
Connector:                        7/8” EIA
Dimensions:                      54” x 68” x 3”/133 x 173 x 8 cm
Net weight:                       26.5 lbs/12 kg

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J3YF 3 Element FM Yagi Antenna