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High Power FM Side Mount Antennas

The High Power FM Side Mount Antennas from Jampro aim to satisfy the most demanding FM radio markets. Furthermore, these products provide an ideal solution for the multi-channel stations in the FM band.  Additionally, excellent VSWR figures of 1.1:1 will be available for installations and deliver outstanding performance.

JHPC High Power FM Antenna

The JHPC Penetrator provides a CPOL pattern tuned for band II (87.5 – 108MHz). Furthermore, the construction uses Marine Brass, Copper, and Hot-dip Galvanized steel. It also offers excellent performance and will last. Broadband versions are also available.

FM Broadcast Antennas

The JBCP‐H Optimizer supports a Medium Power single frequency/broadband FM Antenna. Marine Brass/Copper construction provides reliability and also supports up to 20kW.  In addition the VSWR is low at 1.1:1 @ +/- 200kHz. Finally, C/EPol & FCC Directionalization available.

JSWB FM Broadcast Antenna

The JSWB FM Broadband CPol Antenna design allows multiple frequency broadcast applications rated 10–100kW. Moreover, the elements have high-strength Marine Brass/Copper. The silver-plated inner connectors will also maximize contact life. Excellent azimuth patterns included.

JHCP FM Antenna

The JHCP Penetrator antenna has a power rating of 40kW. This high-quality antenna construction includes Galvanized steel, Marine Brass, and Copper. Above all, it provides a Circularly Polarized Azimuth Pattern with a VSWR typically at 1.1:1 ± 200 kHz. DC grounding for lightning protection is standard.

JCPB Low Power FM Broadcast Antennas

The JCPB side mount antenna is a Circular polarization broadband “Penetrator” series antenna. Rated at either 2.5kW or 5kW, it is ideal for broadband & multi-frequency applications. Moreover, you can expect an excellent VSWR and bandwidth without any field tuning. DC grounding is standard.

JBVP High Power FM Side Mount Antennas

The JBVP Vertical Dipole FM Antenna provides a balun-fed VPol dipole. However, its stainless steel construction and brass conductors offer longevity. Furthermore, rated at 2.5kW to 20kW, it has a typical VSWR of 1.125:1 over 6 MHz. Finally, custom directional patterns are available.

FM Broadcast Dipole Antenna

The ADB-FM3 provides vertical polarization with an excellent VSWR of 1.2:1. Additionally, you can expect excellent duplexing capabilities with high power handling up to 18kW with six (6) bays. Beam tilt and null fill are also available, along with custom directional patterns.

JMHP - JHHP Antenna

The JHHP 40kW Ring Antenna provides a side-mounted array with a Rigid Coax Feeder. It supports Band II (87.5 – 108 MHz) and is also HD-Radio™ ready. Above all, construction includes Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel to assure its longevity.

JLVP - JHVP Antenna

The JHVP “Vertical Dipole” series of antennas provide a vertically polarized, side-mount, FM antenna. Furthermore, the construction utilizes non-corrosive brass and copper. The vertical dipole includes a 3-1/8” inner bay feed system. The antenna supports up to 40kW.

High Power FM Side Mount Antennas

Furthermore, the Jampro range of antennas allows for optimizing your coverage area. Our engineers will aim to fulfill all your coverage requirements. Besides, we offer complete factory testing of your antenna. The Jampro test range ensures that the antenna performs as expected on a similar tower or mast. The screen and dipole assembly design include both galvanized and stainless steel. This construction will guarantee many years of trouble-free service, even during the harshest weather, especially during winter.

The Jampro design engineers will be available to customize any of our antenna designs to your requirements. Both power and phase differences between each face can deliver multiple directional patterns. These will often be able to solve your coverage problems! Furthermore, the aerodynamics of all High Power Side Mount Antennas is critical. We provide Windage reduction by the round cross-section members of the galvanized screen and dipole assemblies.

GRP covers typically provide weather protection and leave the electrical elements not needing deicing. This approach results in increased reliability and reduces operating costs. Moreover, pressurized feed systems and the avoidance of dissimilar metal junctions will allow FM arrays to provide an integrated design. Combined, you can expect an exceptionally high quality and reliable product.

Finally, for assistance in designing your High Power Side Mount Antenna system, please call Jampro now. Alternatively, please visit the contact us page and leave a message. Our sales team will be back to you to discuss your next step as soon as possible.