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VHF DAB Mask Filter

Maximize Performance with a Jampro VHF DAB Mask Filter

JAMPRO’s RCEC-216-DAB series offers superior mask filtering for VHF Band III DAB transmitters.

These reliable 6-section, cross-coupled filters ensure exceptional signal quality for low and medium-power broadcasts.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Mask Performance: Delivers optimal signal transmission within DAB emission specifications.
VHF Band III DAB Mask Filters
  • Minimized Insertion Loss: High-Q aluminum cavities ensure efficient signal passage.
  • Temperature Stability: Tight manufacturing tolerances and Invar tuning rods guarantee consistent performance.
  • Broad Power Handling: Designed for input power levels up to 5 kW.

RCEC-216-DAB Specifications:

  • Type: Band III VHF DAB Mask Filters
  • Channels: 5A—13F
  • Bandwidth: Fc + 0.77 MHz
  • Power: Up to 5 kW
  • VSWR: 1.10:1 Non Critical, 1.15:1 Critical
  • Connectors: DIN 7-16 / 7/8” / 1-5/8”

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