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UHF Waveguide Filter Combiner

UUHF Waveguide Filter Combiner

The UHF Waveguide Filter Combiner provides the high isolation needed for adjacent channel combining applications.  The RWCE series of combiners also consists of two RWBE filters placed between two RWHE 3-dB hybrids.  An out-of-band absorption load reduces reflections. This system allows different high power UHF channels to combine & use one common antenna /feed system while maintaining a low insertion loss.

  • UHF Bands IV & V.
  • Power levels up to 120 kW per channel.
  • Rugged high-quality design. 
  • Low insertion loss. 
  • High isolation. 

High Quality UHF Waveguide Filter Combiner from Jampro

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UHF Waveguide Filter Combiner