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ATSC Mask Filter 2.5kW

Achieve Superior Signal Filtering for Your VHF Applications, providing Unmatched Performance.

The JAMPRO RCEC-106-HVMFH ATSC Mask Filter delivers exceptional performance for your VHF filtering needs. This innovative 6-section cross-coupled design offers several key advantages:
Steep Rejection Skirts: The cross-coupling technology ensures minimal signal bleed outside the desired frequency range, safeguarding your transmission integrity.
ATSC Mask Filter 2.5kW
Low Passband Insertion Loss: High-Q aluminum cavities minimize signal attenuation within the passband, guaranteeing optimal signal strength.
Compact Design: The efficient filter maximizes space savings in your equipment rack.

Key Specifications:

Frequency Range: 174-216 MHz
VSWR: 1.10:1 (maximum)
Low Insertion Loss:
Fc < 0.30 dB
Fc + 2.69 MHz < 0.45 dB
Excellent Rejection:
Fc + 4.0 MHz > 13 dB
Fc + 5.0 MHz > 25 dB
Fc + 9.0 MHz > 50 dB
Power Handling: Up to 2.5 kW
Connectors: 7/8” EIA flanged
JAMPRO remains renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. The RCEC-106-HVMFH upholds this legacy, providing a reliable and cost-effective filtering solution.
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