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20kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner

This 20kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner employs low-loss cylindrical waveguide bandpass filters and broadband Coaxial 3-dB couplers.

Each RCCW-6E1-AUM unit is electrically and mechanically performance tested to ensure strict adherence to Jampro’s superior level of quality. The combiner design is for applications with a limited area to install the unit, requiring higher power levels.  This UHF Mask Filter and Combiner provides a constant impedance solution for DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, and DTV. It will deliver outstanding performance within a compact design.

20kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner

A Jampro 20kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner

This combination offers excellent results within the bandpass and channel combining application and provides mask filtering.

  • Operates at 470 – 860 MHz
  • 20kW average input power per channel
  • Higher Power Levels can be made available
  • Rugged High-Quality Design
  • Constant Impedance (Balance Type)
  • Integrated DTV Mask Filtering

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