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How to Install RF Connectors

Jampro Catalog

This catalog page shows the four main connectors we have in stock. Contact us for further details.


Click download for instructions on how to install a 7/8” EIA Connector to a 1/2” Foam Cable.

RCTK-130 Connector

Click download for details connecting a 7/8” EIA swivel flange connector to a 7/8” foam cable.

RCTK 250 Connector

Download details for fitting a 1-5/8” EIA swivel flange connecting to a 1-5/8” foam feeder cable.

Learning how to install RF connectors correctly is essential for reliable transmission. We have provided instructions for you to download that give the details needed.

Jampro manufacturers the RCTK connectors. If you need help purchasing connectors and feeder cables, please leave a message via our contact page. We will be pleased to assist.