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LPFM Antenna Systems

Welcome to Jampro’s AIRWAVES Newsletter. Jampro is the oldest broadcast antenna company in North America. We manufacture an extensive range of FM Broadcast Antennas. In addition to the high power, broadband, and high-performance systems, Jampro also has an extensive line of LPFM antenna systems for the cost-conscious broadcaster.
The Jampro LPFM line offers various power levels and polarizations for single frequency and broadband multi-frequency applications. In addition, Jampro can provide a full line of bandpass filters, combiners, and transmission lines to complement the antenna systems.
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J3YF LPFM Antenna
ADB-FM1 Vertically Polarized Antenna
JCPB Medium Power CPol Antenna

The J3YF Antenna is a 3-element Yagi array. It provides a directional radiation pattern for FM (Band II). It is ideal for Medium and High power configurations. 

The ADB-FM1 vertically polarized broadband, side-mount FM antenna is rated at 1kW per bay. It is ideal for single and multiple-frequency applications.

The JCPB is a broadband version of the Jampro PENETRATOR antenna – the most copied FM antenna in the world! It is ideal for broadband multiple frequency applications.

JFWD Folded Dipole Antenna

The JLLP antenna is a low-power version of the time-tested Penetrator. Ideal for low-power, omnidirectional and directional applications.

The JFWD vertically polarized folded dipole is a single bay antenna ideal for low-power applications with a power rating of 300W.

The JLCP is a circularly polarized omnidirectional coverage for low-power applications. It is ideal for LPFM translators and Booster stations.


The JAVA FM Log Periodic antenna is ideal for high gain directional applications. It is a Broadband with a Low VSWR across the FM Band. Available with linear or slant polarization.

The Jampro RCBC Bandpass Filters are designed to provide superior performance in a modular configuration. Low to high power solutions are available.

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