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Gap Filler Translator System

Gap Filler Translator System


Jampro Antennas, Inc. introduces a Gap Filler Translator System with a low power slot antenna. Focus is on DTV Bands IV and V (470 to 860 MHz). Low purchase pricing coupled with outstanding performance allows stations an uncompromising performance antenna. It also meets the critical coverage needs of DTV, DVB-T/H, and gap fillers.

Moreover, the horizontally polarized UHF slot antenna design allows for 0.70 kW DTV / DVB-T/H (avg). Alternatively, a 1 kW analog (NTSC) input power. The product design allows both low weight and wind load. Use on existing analog towers also with little or no structural change. Installation can also be side or optional top mount.

Gap Filler Translator System plus Low Power TV UHF Antenna Solution at a Great Price!

With the JL-SS’s outstanding bandwidth, stations can use the antenna straight out of the box. Also, standard EIA input fittings assure fast, rugged, and simple installation.  The standard Omni-azimuth pattern is also provided. A standard 4 bay configuration of this antenna offers a gain of 7.79 times / 8.91 dBd.

Typical Specifications

  • Power rating at 1kW.
  • Frequency Range Bands IV/V (470-860 MHz).
  • Operating Frequency Specify channel in this range.
  • Input Impedance/Type 50 ohm / EIA Flange: 7/8” female.
  • VSWR < 1.1:1. 
  • 50-ohm impedance.
  • Band IV & V (470-860 MHz).

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