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Broadcast Filters Combiners

Jampro can supply everything following the output of a transmitter.  We manufacture high-quality Broadcast Filters and Combiners for both FM and TV installations. They include the following:

In many countries, local radiocommunication authorities insist on Bandpass or Mask Filters as part of your Radio/TV license. These ensure no intermodulation occurs between stations where the antennas are physically close or the frequencies are.

Broadcast Filters and Combiners

We use the frequency bands to separate the Broadcast Filters and Combiners. These include FM (Band II), VHF (Band III), and Band UHF (Band IV/V). We support low power systems and up to 50kW.

Please advise your frequencies and power levels for each input to the combiner. Furthermore, we will suggest a suitable Bandpass Filter/Combiner and a broadband antenna, feeder cable, and required accessories.

We have a team of engineers ready to help you select a suitable Bandpass Filter. To achieve proper rejection and power handling capability, you must also choose the correct number of cavities.

For more information and assistance, please call the Jampro sales team at +1 916 383 1177. Alternatively, please go to our Contact us page outside regular business hours and leave a message. We will respond as soon as possible.