Jampro Distance to Horizon, Electrical Beam Tilt:        
Input Height; Reference 4/3 Earth Curvature: Mi  
Is This Meters or Feet (M or F):             
Height in Feet is: Ft Earth Radius plus tower    
Tilt above/below Horizon in Degrees °          
Distance to Horizon Miles Mi      
Distance to Horizon kMeters kM        
Depression angle Degrees °      
FM, TV or DAB Service:        
Frequency in MHz. MHz      
Number of Bays                
          Antenna Length in Feet Ft
  6340 Sky Creek Dr., Sacramento, CA 95829        Antenna Length in Meters M
  TEL: 01+916-383-1177  FAX: 01+916-1182     Antenna Center (RCAGL) Ft. Ft
                Antenna Center (RCAGL) Meters M

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