Look to the right for 'helps' on using this program. Use TAB between entries like you would in an Excel worksheet. The program will calculate the coax loss/100 feet based on type and frequency.    
System Gain-Loss Calculator Summary Sheet:    
.         INPUT AREA:          
.       .    
. ERP Required:   kW   . (1) Click and enter power  
. ANT GAIN IS:   Times Meters . (2) Tab to here Enter Gain  
.         or Feet .    
. Coax Length:     . (3) Tab and enter length; Tab and Click Pull down for M or F  
. Coax Loss dB/100 Ft.:       . (Do nothing here)  
. Frequency (MHz)       . (4) Tab to here and enter frequency  
. Coax Type       . (5) Tab then Click Pull Down; Choose coax type  
. Combiner Loss:   dB   . (6) Tab and enter extra losses  
. Other Losses:   dB   . (7) Tab and enter extra losses  
.     .    
.       .    
  Total System Losses:   kW dB (8) Tab and view solutions  
  Required Transmitter TPO:   kW dB    
Note: *Values are rounded to two places. Information is provide as an estimate only. Jampro accepts no responsibility for accuracy. Please verify these figures with your consulting engineer.  

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