Some Common Conversions  
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Power Ratio to dB times   "=" dB  
dB to Power Ratio dB   "=" times  
Field % to dB %   "=" dB  
dB to Field % dB   "=" %  
dB insertion loss to % efficiency                              dB   "=" %  
RMS to Directivity RMS   "=" Directivity  
Directivity to RMS Directivity   "=" RMS  
Radians to degrees r   "=" °  
Degrees to radians °   "=" r  
Caclulate Wind Chill         Temp °F Wind MPH "=" ° F Wind Chill  
Root Sum Square two numbers   "="  
Root Sum Square three numbers =  
Ant dBd to dBi dBd   "=" dBi  
Ant dBi to dBd dBi   "=" dBd  
HorsePower to Watts HP   "=" Watts    
Watts to Horse Power W   "=" HP    
kG/Sqr M  to Pounds/Sq Ft kG/M2   "=" Pounds/Ft.2    
lbs/sq-ft to kgs/sq meter lbs   = kg/sq M    
lbs/sq-in to kg/cm2 lbs   "=" kg/cm2    
Dynes to Newtons dynes   "=" joules/meter (Newtons)  
Kilo Grams to Newtons kG (Force)   "=" Newtons    
Lbs/In to Newtons/100mm lbs/in   "=" Newtons/100mm  
Ounces/Inch to Newtons/Meter Oz/in   "=" Newtons/M    
Ft Lbs to joules ft lbs   "=" joules    
Filter Heat Rise     kW ERP kW    dB loss "=" kW Heat Loss  BTU/HUR
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