Jampro HD Radio Calculator        
Input into the YELLOW cells.  The program calculates coax loss based on frequency and coax type. Use the TAB key between input cells much like in Excel Worksheets. See the guide to the side of the inputs. INPUT DATA Analog -      Digital    
Analog ERP dB kW   kW ERP (1) Click and enter ERP  
Digital ERP dB kW        
Analog Antenna Gain dB times        
Digital Antenna Gain dB times Analog Digital    
Analog Antenna Input dB kW Ant Gain x (2) Tab to here enter gain  
Digital Antenna Input dB kW       (3) Tab to here enter HD gain  
      Analog Digital    
Analog Coax Feet ft. Meters Meters or Feet   (4) Tab Click Pull down Choose M or F  
Analog Loss / 100 ft. dB % Effcy Length (5) Tab enter legth. Tab enter HD length  
Analog Coax Loss dB kW dB/100ft (do nothing here)  
Digital Coax Feet ft. Meters        
Digital Loss/100 ft. dB % Effcy Frequency (6) Tab and enter frequency  
Digital Coax Loss dB kW Coax Type (7) Tab Click Pull Down, choose coax type  
Analog Injector Loss 0 dB kW       (8) Tab Click Pull Down, choose HD coax type
Digital Injector Loss 0 dB kW Analog Digital    
Other Analog Loss dB kW dB Loss (9) Tab to here and enter other losses  
Other Digital Loss dB kW What is it?  
Digital Loss Source            
Total Analog Loss dB kW        
Total Digital Loss dB kW        
Analog TPO dB kW     (10) View Solutions  
Digital TPO dB kW      
Reject Load 0.00 dB 0.00 kW      
Digital Summary Interleaved or separate bays Analog Summary:  
kW     kW  
                 Digital ERP          Analog ERP    
kW     kW  
                Antenna Input     Antenna Input  
kW     kW  
                  Coax Losses        Coax Losses    
kW TPO   kW TPO  
                  Digital Power   Analog Power  
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