Figure ERP:      
  See help guide to righ of chart. Note that the program will calculate the coax loss based on frequency and coax type. Tab between yellow input fields as you would in an Excell worksheet.  
       INPUT AREA     
Transmitter Output is kW (1) Click and Input Transmitter Output Power  
Antenna Gain is  x (times) (2) Tab to here and input antenna gain  
Coax in Meters or Feet M or F (3) Tab; click Pull Down; choose feet or meters  
Coax Length  Meters Length (4) Tab; input length  
Coax Length  Coax Feet  
Coax loss per 100 ft. is dB/100 ft (5) (do nothing here)  
Frequency MHz (6) Tab to here; input frequency  
Coax Type   (7) Tab; click Pull Down; choose coax type  
Total coax Loss dBk  
Combiner Loss dBk (8) Tab to here; input 0 or loss figure  
Other Losses dBk (9) Tab to here; input 0 or loss figure  
Total Losses dBk (10) view your results  
ERP dBk  
ERP kW  
Note: *Values are rounded to two places. Information is provide as an estimate only. Jampro accepts no responsibility for accuracy. Please verify these figures with your consulting engineer.  

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