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FM Broadcast Antenna Systems

Jampro has designed and manufactured FM Broadcast Antenna systems for over 68 years. We test and tune our antennas at our test range following manufacture. Our engineers also ensure the antenna azimuth coverage pattern is as planned. Moreover, the tower we use to test the antenna will assume similar electrical characteristics to the end customer’s tower.

Premier FM Broadcast Antenna Systems

FM Broadcast Antennas

Broadband Technology

Our FM Broadcast Antenna design will carry a single frequency at the relevant bandwidth of +/-75 kHz. However, Jampro can supply a broadband antenna that avoids multiple antenna installations on a broadcast tower. Broadband technology allows us to multiplex up to four frequencies using an FM Combiner. A single FM broadband antenna can accept four frequencies without cross-interference. The Combiner bandpass or mask filters will ensure that the rejection of each frequency is sufficient. This method also avoids multiple antenna installations and keeps costs down.

FM Broadcast Antenna Polarization

Jampro has an extensive and premier range of FM Broadcast Antenna systems. Primarily, Circular Polarized (CPOL) Antennas are a crucial product. We originally designed and patented Circular Polarized Antennas. However, extensive copying of the design has occurred. We also designed Elliptical, Vertical, and Horizontally Polarized Antennas for other scenarios depending on the requirement. Please look out for a Genuine Circular Polarization Antenna originally designed and manufactured by Jampro Antennas.

A Complete FM Broadcast Antenna

Jampro supplies the FM Broadcast Antenna as a complete system. You need not purchase the dipoles, power divider/splitter, and jumper cables separately. We offer the system pre-assembled and pre-tuned, ready for immediate installation. Generally, the antennas do not need re-tuning in the field. We can include the feeder cable, connectors, and installation accessories within a package. These will also depend on the transmitter power level. Jampro has a full range of rigid feeders and all the required accessories for all power levels of your installations.

Coverage Prediction

Inevitably, you will need to predict the coverage of your new station using computer software. We, therefore, ask that you provide the frequencies, the tower’s location, and your existing or future height on the tower. Moreover, we will need the length of the feeder and transmitter output power (TPO). Understanding the coverage needs, the sales/engineering team will suggest FM Broadcast Antennas that will suit your project, whether directional or omnidirectional. We will also provide a coverage map showing the predicted coverage contours.

Environmental Conditions

All our antenna designs will cope well with hostile environments. We design for significant longevity, whether hot, cold, humid, windy, or salty. Jampro uses materials that do not corrode. The antenna’s electrical connections will not rust or corrode. Furthermore, we use Marine Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, and virgin Teflon for superior performance and a greatly extended lifetime.

Depending on the antennas and their type, Radomes are also available. De-icers for the antennas and dehumidifiers for the feeder cables are available. Lightning protection is always a critical issue. Grounding is part of all antenna designs.

FM Broadcast Antenna Turnkey Installations

Installation of the antennas is available globally. We have teams available to carry out the work for you. Please discuss this with your Jampro sales representative when discussing your requirements.