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Circular Polarized Spiral Antenna

Circular Polarized Spiral Antenna

Jampro’s JTC Circular Polarized Spiral Antenna provides the television broadcaster with the industry’s technically most exemplary CP antenna. It also features superb performance in a rugged yet straightforward mechanical structure.

  • Circular Polarization radiator for optimum circularity +/-1.0 or better
  • UHF/VHF/FM applications
  • Low uniform axial ratio 2 dB or better
  • Low wind load design
  • Years of proven performance

Jampro provides antenna customization for each application and any single VHF or UHF channel: 2-70. Dependent upon the system, the spiral pitch angles can make null-fill adjustments for a portion of the aperture. The JTC design also provides low radiation at steep depression angles. It minimizes the danger of exceeding environmental radiation limits near the tower’s base. The customer must assume responsibility for complying with these ANSI requirements. JAMPRO will provide design or measured pattern values but cannot accept responsibility in this matter due to many conditions.

High-Performance Circular Polarized Spiral Antenna

The Spiral build includes 2-3 sections. It creates an omnidirectional and circularly polarized pattern with power gains of 2-15x. It also provides an almost perfect horizontal pattern of circularity at +/- 1.0 dB(VHF) and +- 0.5 dB(UHF). The axial ratio provides an accurate measurement of the performance of circularly polarized antennas. Performance is excellent at only 1.5 dB. Electrical beam tilt and null fill are standard. Power input to the Spiral is a standard.

Furthermore, the JTC Spiral Antenna consists of a supporting pipe. The design provides multiple stainless steel spirals wound around the pipe at specific pitch angles. They will be spaced from the pipe by heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced low-loss insulators. Additionally, the array acts as a traveling wave antenna. The main beam is broadside to the support pole. It, therefore, has exceptionally low radiation along the axis of the rod. It produces an omnidirectional azimuth pattern with a low VSWR.

Please download the JTC datasheet for a detailed description of the antenna and how it works. The Jampro Sales Team can assist you if you have further technical questions.

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