United States & Canada Representatives

Here you will find a listing of our Valued Representatives for US and Canada.

If your area is not listed or you need other information, you may contact our Jampro Domestic Headquarter.



Jampro                         Domestic Sales                                            916-383-1177

Greg Montano              Domestic Sales                                            greg@jampro.com

Jeffrey Clarine              Domestic Sales - Television                         jeffc@jampro.com







U.S. Representatives



Besco International

Richardson, TX

Phone: 321 960-4001

Fax: 972 931-9141

E-Mail: robmalany@px.rr.com



WEB: www.besco-int.com

Broadcast Connection

Colorado Springs Office

Max Brown

Phone: 719 593-7198

E-Mail: max@broadcastconnection.com


Newburgh Indiana Office

Eric Wandel

Phone: 812-453-2544

E-Mail: steve@broadcastconnection.com


WEB: www.broadcastconnection.com

Bradley Broadcast

New Market, MD 21704

Toll Free: 800-732-7665


Bob Eburg

E-Mail: beburg@bradleybroadcast.com

Art Reed

E-Mail: areed@bradleybroadcast.com


WEB: www.bradleybroadcast.com