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JAVA Broadband Log Periodic FM ANTENNA


JAMPRO JAVA broadband log periodic FM antenna system is one of the finest available to the broadcasting industry. Ideal for High Gain Directional applications.


It is available on any standard FM channel (87.5 to 108 MHz).


The antenna system consists of log periodic antenna assemblies, power divider, feed cables, mounting brackets/hardware to provide secure mounting to the tower.


Custom directional azimuth pattern and FCC Certification available on the Jampro full-scale test range to conform to the Customer’s requirements.


FM Band 87.5-108 MHz


Element Gain: 9 dB


Input power 5 kW


VSWR 1.3:1


FM Band Polarization Vertical or Horizontal


Input Connector 7/8” EIA


Aluminum Hot dipped Galvanized-optional


Custom directional patterns




The JAMPRO UHF Antenna has been designed for a low to medium

power solution, with a particular focus  on rooftop deployment.


The antenna is a vertically polarized (JVD) or circularly polarized (JCD) system enclosed by a full cylindrical radome for environmental protection and minimal urban visual impact.


The antenna is broadband over band IV allowing multiple UHF channels

to be transmitted at the same time.


Complete assembly, tuning and testing of your assembled antenna before

shipping ensures there is no question about its performance.


Directional antennas are a custom feature.  Call for details.


• Vertically/Circularly Polarized


• Band IV 470 – 625 MHz


• Band V 625 – 850 MHz


• NTSC and CCIR Channels


• Brass / Aluminum


• Semi Flexible Inter-bay Lines


• Assembled and Tested


• Beam Tilt and Null Fill Available





250W, UHF 2”/50.8mm Mask Filter ATSC/DVB-T/ISDB-T


The JAMPRO RCEC 2”/50.8mm Mask Filter is designed to provide superior mask filter performance at an affordable price. Cross coupling creates steep rejection skirts and the high-Q cavities provide low passband insertion loss in a compact design.




Frequency Range:                       470-860 MHz

Bandwidth:                                   Fc + 3.80 MHz

Insertion Loss:

                          Fc                         0.70 dB

                          Fc + 3.80 MHz     1.75 dB

VSWR:                                           1.12:1


                          Fc + 4.2 MHz        3 dB

                          Fc + 6.0 MHz       16 dB

                          Fc + 12 MHz        36 dB

Group Delay                                 175 ns

Connectors                                  DIN 7-16 Female






The super turnstile has many outstanding features that mean great value to today’s broadcaster. Radome enclosed for Long life and many years of continuous service. The JAT-U can be either top or side mounted on a tower.

Minimum wind loading while providing broadband response makes the JAT-U an ideal antenna for applications where either the channel is defined or where multiple channels are to be combined.


Band IV/V 470 – 860 MHz


Radome Enclosed


Assembled and Tested


Top or Side Mount