Digital Antennas for Ibiquity IBOC

Put Jampro's 50 years of broadcast manufacturing experience to work for your IBOC Ibiquity HD Radio upgrade. Review several standard HD antenna products. Links to learn about the different ways to go from analog-only to the combination of HD Digital and analog.



             Side Mount Antennas

                     Low-Medium Power



                   JMPC-HD - HD Radio                                     JBCP-M-HD - HD Radio


                     High Power


                    JHPC-HD - HD Radio                                     JBCP-H-HD - HD Radio                           JSHD-HD - Side Mount Dual Input


             Panel Antennas



                   JCPD-HD - HD Radio                                          Dual Input JADP-HD                              Dual Input JAHD-HD - HD Radio