Calculators & Converters

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                     FM or TV System Gain-Loss Calculations - TPO for ERP, Coax System & Antenna Gain.

                     HD Radio High Level Combining - Figure TPO for analog and digital transmitters

                     HD Radio Interleaved or Different Height Antenna Bays

                     ERP for FM or TV System Gain-Loss Calculations

                     Beam Tilt & Distance To Horizon

                     VSWR Calculation

                     mV/m To dBu (signal) Calculations

                     kW to dBk/dBk To kW Calculations

                     Convert Distance Measurements

                     Find Distance Between Cities

                     Convert Weights

                     Working With Wavelengths

                     Loss Between Two Antennas

                     Rigid Coax Helpers

                     Convert Temperature

                     Conversions, including filter/coax heat rise calculator

                     Calorimetric Power Calibration

                     Resistive Loss Pad

                     STL Calculator

                     TV Frequency Calculator

                     Scientific Calculator

                     Classic Slide Rule

                     Elevation Calculator